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House wrap Roof underlayment



HANSPEK is laminated housewrap with one or two layers of fabrics and breathable film and HANS INTECH have produced this breathable film for decades as first producer in Korea.
Now, HANS INTECH exports 10ft width breathable film to Japen as a raw material of Japanese housewrap.
With this abundant experience and technique, HANS INTECH installed 10ft width laminating machine and already started to produce housewrap finished product.
HANSPEK possesses 35~40% of Korean market share although there is Tyvek in Korea.


    Many housewrap producers laminate breathable film to fabrics by heat.
    This method causes rapid decrease of W.V.T.R and limit the kinds of fabrics which reinforce the film.
    However, HANS INTECH laminates breathable film and fabrics by specially designed adhesive for housewrap.
    It is qualified as safe material (We can provide MSDS data sheets on your request) and it can maintain adhesive strength to 200° F. This special adhesive is being commonly used for housewrap in Japan and Korea.
    This is one reason that HANSPEK can materialize the properties you request.
  • Finished Goods & 1color printing AVAILABLE.


    10' X 150' 3.1m X 45.8m
    10' X 100' 3.1m X 45.8m
    9'6" X 150' 2.9m X 45.8m
    9'6" X 100' 2.9m X 30.5m
    9' X 150' 2.7m X 48.8m
    9' X 100' 2.7m X 30.5m
    5' X 200' 1.5m X 61.0m
    3' X 165' 0.9m X 50.3m
    3' X 100' 0.9m X 30.5m
    18" X 100' 0.5m X 30.5m

    • High Water Vapor Transmission HANSPEK can materialize over 60 perm
    • Energy efficient HANSPEK keeps warmth by blocking water and air penetration from out side
    • High Water Resistance HANSPEK can endure 3m of water pressure averagely (AATCC-127)
    • UV stabilized HANSPEK is UV resistant for 6 months
    • Easy to install Light weight and easy to cut
    • * Notice * If you leave UNPACKED-HANSPEK in the air, the color may be changed into pink.
      This is because of chemical reaction of UV stabilizer in HANSPEK.
      Despite of the color change, HANSPEK performs its function and once it is exposed to the light, the color returns soon.


    • The damaging effects of water include rotting, rust, and mold.
      Thus, moisture permeability becomes critical, so the wall can thoroughly dry out.
      The micropores in the durable polyolefin material of HANSPEK Housewrap allows water vapor to escape the wall.
      The wall remains dry and free from the damage.
    • As a water resistant barrier, HANSPEK Housewrap protects the wall structure from water damage during the building process, before the exterior cladding goes on the walls and after the exterior cladding is installed.
      HANSPEK continues its protection against water all the time.

  • Non-Perforated-High Vapor PERMEABLE

    The breathable film is mainly consisted with polyethylene (PE) and Calcium Carbonate.
    By mixing and stretching these two materials, HANSPEK breathable film has millions of micropores, just like tyvek.
    HANS INTECH can produce various properties of film without changing weight and price.
    This technique and experience are another reason that HANS INTECH can supply customized housewrap.


    • HANSPEK resists air infiltration and protects against drafts.
      Additionally, HANSPEK housewrap improves the performance of the insulation system, and increases the energy efficiency of the heating system.